Scan my tracks

How are people exploiting my online tracks?

Your personal information is linked to your unique online tracks, and may be shared and sold or stolen by
hackers and ID thieves, potentially ruining your credit, draining your bank account, and causing you a long-
term headache.

Family Info
Bank Info
Web History
Credit score
Medical Info
Your online tracks form
a unique Digital Fingerprint

TrackOFF helps you stop online tracking, targeted ads,
ID theft, and invasion of privacy.

Surf privately, secure your browsers and disguise your location for true online privacy.
Built for personal computers on Windows 10, 8, 7.

With TrackOFF, companies and individuals can't
acquire enormous amounts of very specific
information about you

Browse anonymously so that even your
Internet Service Provider won't know what
you're up to.

In the age of constant connectivity, online
privacy and secure browsing
are no longer
merely nice to have — they are mandatory.


Blocks access to your sensitive online data,
device info and habits. Protects your private life.

  • Helps ensure anonymous browsing
  • Keeps search history private
  • Thwarts digital profile-building based on your habits
  • Enhances identity theft protection
  • Stops ad-trackers from following and targeting you
  • Easy-to-use, lightweight application
Works on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32&64 Bit)
Compatible with all major web browsers
Complements any anti-virus software