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You're only one step away from reclaiming your privacy!
  • Identity theft protection
  • Advanced cookie removal
  • Detailed tracking reports
  • Private search
  • Anonymous browsing (VPN)
  • Location masking
TrackOFF Elite
Free 30-Day Trial
$6.90/month after trial expires

Browse anonymously. See who's trying to track you. Remove all history. Stop the hackers and trackers from stealing your identity and personal life.

Lightweight application
Easy installation
Automatic browser detection
Runs in the background

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"TrackOFF won't protect you from ransomware, or keep viruses out of your system. It's laser-focused on protecting your privacy. You can use it for mundane tasks like clearing cookies or deleting browser data, and you can launch anonymous searches from within the application.
But the heart of the product is its ability to foil attempts to track you based on your browser fingerprint, a unique technology that I haven't seen in any other products."
"The program’s interface is not only attractive but also easy to navigate. Its apparent simplicity hides a complex set of algorithms that will detect any attempt to collect your most sensitive information.
All in all, TrackOFF is a simple yet highly efficient application devoted to protecting your computer from any unwanted visitor attempting to steal your most valuable information. It will protect your browsers and your browsing experience, and will also alert to stop any privacy attack."